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Usuário: kagami
Descrição: Server Rates: Xp 100x Sp 100x PartyXp 2x PartySp 2x Adena 100x Spoil 25x Drop 30x Starting character level 1 Enchant Rates: Safe enchant +6 Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+25) Simple enchant scrolls chance = 55% Blessed enchant scrolls chance = 75% Divine Scrolls chance = 100% (Donate/ Custom Events) Buffs: Max Buffs: 26 Max Dances/Songs: 18 Buffs time: 1 hours Premium time: 2 hours +15 & +30 Automatic events: Team vs Team Capture the Flag Death Match Domination Zombies Last Man Standing More coming soon! Voicecommands: .ccp: Character Control Panel .getreward: Steps how to Vote, Reward list, Request reward .premium: Shows if you are premium and the benefits .apon/.apoff: Enable/Disable Automatic Potions .join/.leave: Register/Unregister on events .engage: To marry someone .divorce: To divorce .gotolove: Teleports you to your love Olympiad game: Retail olympiad game Competition period [1] week Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] server time New Heroes every week Castle Sieges & Territory Wars: Every week Boss Informations: All information are in Community Board ALT+B Grand Boss Managers in towns Unique features: Main town Giran Automatic-Manual reward from Vote L2Blue Shirt from Vote Working Castles Unique PvP Zones and Farm Zones Wedding system Full community buffer with auto buff Max subclasses x3 Max lvl subclass 85 Free and no quest sub class HighFive retail skills Server uptime [24/7] [99]% Top pvp/pk/online ranks in Community Board ALT+B Community Board ALT+B with functions for players Perfect class balance (all class can kill all class depending on players skill and setup knowledge,gear,augmentations)
Categoria: High Five
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